The Presenters

Natalie Sarrazin - Sound Musicianship for Children

Natalie is an Associate Professor at The College at Brockport, and Music Studies Coordinator. Dr. Sarrazin holds a Ph.D. in Ethnomusicology from the University of Maryland, College Park, and a Masters degree in Music Education from Peabody Conservatory at Johns Hopkins University. She teaches class piano, ethnomusicology, and music education courses in the Department of Theatre and Music Studies and Arts for Children programs at The College at Brockport.

Natalie is the author of numerous books and articles on the film music of India and on Music Education.

Nadia Balyan - Choral Conducting

Nadya Valeyreva Balyan was born in Tula, Russia. After completing her music school as a pianist, she got admission in the Dorogomizhskovo College of Music and after four years, obtained a Bachelor of Music degree in music education with emphasis on Choral Conducting. Her expertise is development of an ear for music and the positioning of the singing voice.

She is currently a choral conductor for Neemrana Music Foundation in Delhi, a non-profit organization, which focuses on training young musicians and singers from India to acquire professional skills in the field of Western Classical Music.

Naman Dutta - Social Media Marketing and Networking for Musicians

Naman is a Professional Drummer & Percussionist within the Delhi-NCR music circuit, and plays drums with ‘Jive Can’ a 5-piece Modern Blues Supergroup, ‘The Grovesmen’ an upcoming rock’n’roll trio and ‘Moongphali’ – a Bolly-Rock project. A certified and experienced Digital Marketeer, Naman currently works for AVP Marketing & Digital, assisting established MNCs and start-ups in building their online persona.

Ankit Relan - IP and Copyrights for Musicians 

Ankit leads the firm’s copyright and music law practice, both, in the litigation and contractual space. Based out of New Delhi, he has worked extensively in the field of intellectual property law and practices before the Delhi High Court and other District Courts.
Ankit regularly advises high profile clients which include some of biggest names in the film and music industry in India on a variety of issues including music publishing agreements, film production agreements, licensing and acquisition deals, cover version licenses, rights of lyricists and composers under the amended Copyright Law, infringement of copyright etc.
He has been a part of some of the industry defining litigations in the last few years pertaining to fair dealing of copyright on the internet, Statutory Licensing of music under the copyright law, constitutionality of the Copyright Board, music licensing on radio, liability of UGC websites under the copyright law, Notice-and-take down mechanism in India, trademark violations, circumvention of technology etc.

Anjli Mata - Importance of Music Literacy for Professional Musician

Anjli is the Area Coordinator (North India) and Academic Head for Trinity College London in India. She is a Western Classical music educationist specializing in Piano. She has been teaching music for over 40 years and was instrumental in establishing the Theme Music Institute, of which she was the Principal for 15 years.

Her main focus since 2013 has been developing an Academic Support program and team for Music & Drama teachers in India. She completed her music education in Kolkata and holds two diplomas, ATCL and LTCL from Trinity College London. She was appointed as the representative for Trinity College London in New Delhi centre in 1999. In December 2013 Trinity College London conferred an Hon TCL degree (honorary membership of Trinity College London) in recognition of her work.

Ritesh Khokhar - Jazz: History and Harmony

Ritesh is one of the most promising pianist and music educators to hail from the capital city of New Delhi in recent years. He is the Chief Executive of Bridge Music Academy, Brand Ambassador for Roland, Academic Consultant with Trinity College London, Senior Music Consultant with Music Basti (an NGO working with children at risk through music).

Ritesh founded one of the first private western music schools in New Delhi/NCR in 2002 and went on to establish Bridge Music Academy in 2009. His 5 years of research into the Hungarian music education system enabled him to author the first series of music textbooks for public schools in India titled "Bridge to Music". Apart from being much in demand as a senior music educator, he actively performs with various Blues and Rock bands in the country.

Ranjit Khattar - Accountancy & Taxation for Musicians 

A Chartered Accountant having over 30 years experience with specialization in Audit, Taxation and Corporate Finance. He was associated with Escorts Ltd. for a period of five years. Thereafter associated with the Batra Group as Manager Finance of Batra Hospital Medical Research Centre, New Delhi. After working in the industry for over 10 years Mr. Khattar setup R.Khattar & Associates (RKA) with the basic objective of setting up a firm focusing on various industries both for Audits as well as Corporate Finance. Mr. Ranjit Khattar is a music enthusiast, budding pianist, and the Managing Director of Medfin Capital Group and R. Khattar and Associates, Chartered Accountants. 

Victor Vicente - Ethnomusicology 

A PhD in Ethnomusicology, Vincent is an ethnomusicologist and Associate Professor of Music at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. In addition to his Ph.D., Dr. Vicente also holds a Master’s Degree in Music History from the University of Maryland. His area of specialization is Turkish Sufi music, and World Popular Music.